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Foursquare Hits 15 Million Users!

I was reading the Mashable and found this article, got very exited and a bit disappointed  from the fact that Foursquare has hit 15 Million Users worldwide which half of the users are in the U.S and the other half are international, then i ask myself what are the actual users in Cyprus and Greece?

Foursquare a New York based tech company revealed the stats to ClickZ News on a email campaign send. Foursquare and Facebook Places are increasing smartphone users with their check in services. My personal opinion is that Foursquare should grow with its service because its a more like interactive game online while Facebook Places are just check ins without giving you the advantages to earn points, became mayor and other interesting services.

Facebook are buying Gowalla ( Financial terms are not disclosed ) announced on Monday on a statement that they are exited to confirm that Gowalla co-founders Josh Williams and Scott Raymond along with other members are moving to Facebook in January to join their design and engineering teams.

Companies in Cyprus & Greece dont really encourage users to check in at their venues, provide them a discount, complimentary coffee or gift. Something to thank the users that they check in and ‘advertise’ their business with their friends.

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