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How Four Seasons Dominates On Social Media

Four Seasons is doing a great job on social media. Being active on social media by posting a few pictures and saying ‘Visit Us’ will not do the job and we all know this. If it was that easy, then all hotels around the world would be fully booked. I follow Four Seasons on Snapchat and looked a bit deeper on all their social media channels. First off all, Four Seasons is on every social media platform; Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. They even have a great mobile app where they suggest activities you can do including the ability to book your reservation (screen shot below).

What I like about their social media marketing is that they always inspire and share valuable information. Their branding on social media is consistent. As you can see their Instagram Profile picture is their logo and that shows professionalism. They post on every social platform high quality content with great captions. Copywriting on posts matters a lot on social media. They even won  HOTELS Magazine award for the best Facebook Fan Page.

The way they communicate is the way we all communicate on our social media, like human beings. They are making their brand more human. Using Snapchat & Facebook Live shows that they understand that being relevant in today’s world is fundamental. An important note, is that on Facebook Live they broadcast different stories from their Snapchat (different content on different social channels).

Susan Helstab, executive vice president, marketing of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts said; “We pride ourselves on staying ahead of our guests’ needs and expectations, and that same approach extends to our digital and social media philosophy.” I personally love brands that are connected online and get the mentality of social media and have a digital-first rather than a print-first mindset.

They use social media influencers like The Rollinson London blogger in their marketing. I don’t think I need to go deep on why influencers make a huge impact on branding and the bottom line.

They post frequently and by frequently I mean every single day. The reason why they are so consistent is because they want to be in front of their clients every day and because they produce high quality content people like it and interact with it. I might not see their stories every day on Snapchat but if I’m on Snapchat and see that they have a story I will definitely watch it because I genuinely like their stories.

Here are some interesting questions; why don’t we just hire a marketing manager and post a few pictures? Why do we need to invest in a great digital marketing presence? We don’t really need a brand story do we? Well, I learn from successful brands and marketers everyday and seeing their results makes me certain that it’s common sense to invest in a great digital strategy and it goes way beyond ROI.

You would think that they would stop at social media, right? Nope! They created different micro sites and blogs featuring real life stories from clients. They created a blog in Lisbon where they talk about the city and the culture. They also participate in Twitter chats including, #luxchat, #FriFotos, and #TTOT. 
We can see that they go above and beyond to bring value to their current clients and potential clients.

I believe brands that are relevant to today’s environment will dominate and continue winning the long game. We can all learn from Four Seasons’ digital marketing activities.

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