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social media in cyprusI had few days ago a lovely meeting with Mr. Michalis Maimaris, Business Consultant @ Knowledge Training & Consulting at Costa Coffee. He suggested to me that Facebook posts and Twitter posts should be different from each other. Because if somebody follows you on twitter lets say and on facebook when whenever the user will log on they will see the same content.

My replay is always the same on Facebook and Twitter postings, ( if your brand target audience is in Cyprus, if its abroad its a different strategy )  In Cyprus the percentage that people use is much more lower than abroad. So thats why i always suggest for brands to connect their Facebook Fan Page and Twitter page, it should be Facebook to Twitter not the other way around.         (reason: the other way around it brings less engagement ) So whatever posts you have on Facebook it automatically posts on Twitter as well. But always each manager, director or the person who manages social media should post their own unique content, this will help you join conversations with other users online.

Lately i noticed that Twitter has grown a lot in Cyprus, from top 10 websites that Cyprus users visit Twitter is in it! Thats why its a good idea to start separating and adding more content for Twitter.


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