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Facebook NEW News Feed!

Facebook have just announced that massive new changes are going to be done to it’s news feed. I was watching it live from Facebook Newsroom.

”The news feed is one of the most important things we’ve build” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said. Basically from what I understood and what Facebook is trying to do,  is becoming the most personalized newspaper. Mark added ”the stories around you deserve to be displayed with more than just text”

You are wondering I guess what is the major change?

Well here are the most vital things that will be changed:

1. Multiple News Feeds

2. Mobile / iPad consistency with the web

3. Larger images

4. Music / Fan Pages / Lists will be more organized


You will have more control of what you will want to view on your newsfeed. Users can subscribe to other friends lists, music, games and those who users ‘follow’. A chronological few will be available. It’s important that you will never miss an important update from a brand that you like or a close friend of yours.

Regarding the promoting part, it’s not quite clear yet, but there is more to follow.

Facebook will not make the change to all users at once but slowly slowly getting feedback from users, making changes and then finally roll our the final version. They will start rolling the new news feed from today.

Have in mind that there would be changes done on Facebook fan pages as well. ( I will write on the design sizes later ) You can read it direclty from here:

Here are some pictures:

Facebook New News Feed

Facebook New News Feed

Facebook New News Feed

Facebook New News Feed

Facebook New News Feed

Facebook New News Feed

Facebook New News Feed

Facebook New News Feed


You can view more here.

What are your comments? What do you thing about this new changes? Share with us below or Tweet to us.




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