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Facebook Is Busy…Removing Fake Likes. Lady Gaga, Christiano Ronaldo loosing more than 15k Fake Fans

Now, there will defiantly will not be spammers and distorted engagement, that’s for sure! So there are some fan pages that lost 100K fans on 24 hours…

Back on my previous article in August, Facebook estimated of illegitimate accounts at 83 million!
Acoording to SocialBakers Facebook Daily analytics, there are a lot of celebrity pages with large fan bases are going down… Shakira, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieberrr profiles are the fastest decreasing pages in one day! Can you imagine?

Even Christiano Ronaldo has lost in one day 18 635 fans….

So let the truth come out… You can’t lie online to people…you just can’t. Like i always say… better to have 1,000 fans and high engagement rather 10,000 fans and having 30% fake fans and not even engaging with the others…

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