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Facebook finally is deleting fake likes from Fan Pages!!!!

This really made my day!

Facebook has finally updating their integrity system in order to prevent fake ( false ) likes. Based on Facebook Security Page.

Fake Users, Fake Likes...the end of it

Fake Users, Fake Likes...the end of it


This will automatically will be deleting fake likes and will provide to us a more detailed accurate measurement of fans and demographics.

This system will delete ‘Likes’ that are bought in bulk and compromised accounts. The system have beed improved to identify suspicious likes. This upgrade will remove less that 1 percent of a page’s likes on average!

In August Facebook estimated 8.7 percent of fake users, miscategorized or spam accounts.


And end of the day, here is a statement from Facebook: “To be clear, we do not and have never permitted the purchase or sale of Facebook Likes as we only want people connecting to the Pages and brands with whom they have chosen to connect.”

So i guess this is very good news for us and bad news for some page owners that will be counting fan page fans…the other way around…

Imagine a fan page having 10,000 likes and being so proud of it…so advertise now that you have…9,999,9,998,9,997…

There is a good expression in Greek: τρέχουν να κρυφτούν τώρα….

Running from Fake Likes

Running from Fake Likes



P.S I guess ‘you’ will not be ‘liking’ and sharing now this article.. 🙂

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