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Facebook Fan Pages Can Upload Custom Images

Facebook Fan Page admins have new updates!

Previously, you could not upload a custom image with a video preview, whereas Facebook now lets you upload any image you want with a video link.

Upload Image On Facebook Fan Page

Upload Image On Facebook Fan Page

And if you wish to upload a picture or a video with an article, you can now do that too.

Picture Uploading For Posting

Picture Uploading For Posting


Just a note regarding images: I believe that using an image when posting a video will lower your engagement, so my suggestion would be to avoid this. The exception of course, is if you have a distinct reason to do so, or if the image design is a particularly appealing one that aims to attract more clicks. Feel free to try what works for your business fan page and ultimately, what will result in the highest engagement.

My opinion as a user is that an image with a video discourages engagement, and I will briefly explain why. When you see a post on your Facebook timeline from a business or artist fan page for example, would you like to click and view their video there and then, or would you prefer clicking the image, which then opens a new tab to view the video? Personally, I opt to remain on my timeline without having to open a new tab. That’s why branded applications are created, so that users are not ‘taken away’ from their Facebook news feeds.

What are your opinions? Share them with me.

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