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Facebook And Trends?


We all know that ‘trends’ are on #Twitter, but guess what? Facebook test drives trending articles on their newsfeed.

Stop, dont re load/ refresh your facebook page, its not available in Cyprus or Greece yet! Facebook has a test drive on some users ‘Trending Articles’

It will not be displaying a vertical block of stories but from what we saw on some screen shots, users see just one headline that is combined with a thumbnail and friends names that read the article.

This will bring less #engagement which will be not so good for fan pages but we think users will be happy with the change. News feed will be lower, i believe Facebook is doing this so there are more sponsored stories running tell you the truth.

Have in mind that articles that will be displayed are from social reading apps and websites that have intergraded with Facebook Open Graph. So intergradation with social media will be more ‘dramatically’ important soon!


Here is a screen shot from David Holley:

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