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Example Of A Viral Video, Use Your Creativity

I was reading previously a very good article from Steve Young on about viral videos. It was a very good article.I totally loved the example ( and couldn’t agree more ) about the campaign that DollarShaveClub did.

We have two brands, one well known, Gillette that used a celebrity spokesman and the other brand that is not well known, DollarShaveClub.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 7.32.29 PM


You can see that Gillette used a celebrity for their ad and got 5,070 views. As for DollarShaveClub used it’s own CEO and got 9,885,453 views, yes it went viral.

Amazing isn’t it?

Well that’s what I have been telling for years now, you have to be real online, use your creativity to get some imaginations and be real to users, this staff goes viral. And the other thing that is very important, in DollarShaveClub the CEO was speaking about you and me all the time. The insight as  you can guess is talk about others, talk about the advantages that they will get, not how awesome YOU or your brand is.

Be different! 

Burst Media  says comedy is the most popular form of online video content among all viewers ( 39%), followed by news (33%) and music (31%). Use your creativity and create viral videos.

I’m not saying that you have to copy/paste the exact videos that are viral, but maybe make a parody of a video.

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