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Everybody speaks, few understand digital media/social media

A lot of people speak about social media, online media, digital strategies and how you should make it work.

People Speak  about social media, but do they actually understand it?

People Speak about social media, but do they actually understand it?


By talking about it its very easy, i noticed that a lot of brands and people are telling that you should do this, that you should do this, do that ect. Some things if you read on a blog in USA or UK for example is not the same as in Cyprus, Greece or any of your local market. You should understand your local market and understand your local user behaviour. This part is very important, understating user behaviour.





But how to understand if the the brand or person actually does understands and implements all the things that are explaining?


Understand social mediaIts simple, just go out and check out her/his Tweeter account, Facebook Fan Page, Blog, Website, YouTube Channel, Pinterest and any other social media channel you might think of. But have in mind not to check if they exist, actually if they follow what are said. Maybe send a random tweet to the company or the person. See the response if there is any, is there any RT ( retweet) follow back, commenting back to your comment?

After this just ask yourself a simple question: ”Does this company / person understands the meaning of #social media, or its just reading from blogs and telling you to sell? ”



everybody wants to see results online

everybody wants to see results online




Because a lot of people don’t understand online marketing, whatever the other person tells you will follow and think that he is a guru. As i have mentioned previously  ( and one of my mentors Brian Solis) told, there are no experts or gurus in social media, everybody is learning.

If your digital strategy fails, don’t blame social media…







To speak its easy, but to actually work its hard!

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