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Everybody is Social Media…Expert…How to spot the fake

Social media is growing dramatically so is the need is growing fast, in UK, Cyprus and generally globally. Companies should include social media into their business plans and marketing plans. The problem is that companies have a very small experience on this subject. So there is a growing demand in people with knowledge on expertise in social media. But there is not enough supply of real experts.


A Fake Social Media Expert

A Fake Social Media Expert

I was reading recently a blog that Gary Vaynerchu commented that 99.5% of social media experts are clowns and yes he  was talking globally. So from what i imagine in Cyprus and Greece there are 99,9% monkeys.

His point was that not everybody who claims to be social media gurus are truly are.  There are a lot of fake people around us, taking it from a personal level and driving it to their ‘professional’ lives. The fact is that they really know little about social media or business. Come on now, creating a facebook fan page or a twitter account it’s easy, even my sister can do it ( she is 13 years old ) but to truly drive results, engage and have sales via digital world takes time, hard work and passion.



I guess you are all telling but how do i know if they are fake? Well here is where i would like to help you with, how to spot the fake ones.

Here is the list:

  • If somebody calls himself a guru or expert they should love social media, like Steve Jobs said to succeed ‘you have a lot of passion to do it’. So my point is a person who calls himself an expert should love what he/she does by updating their Facebook Statues, Tweets, Blogs and acts in his personal life digitally, not only in front of a client to sell.
  • The fake ones often have a narrow view on social media, did they  move to the next level or are they just using the basics Facebook, Twitter & YouTube? Are they really engaging?
  • People who love and have a title that has to do with social media they are usually experienced and active users of social media. They have been using the medium for some time and have experience using it.


  • Up to dated with the latest trends and using the latest tools. So a question you can bring up is what are the tools that you use? See if they use the latest web tools. Nobody can be an expert if they are not up to date. If people are claiming that they are experts, they should know what’s happening online in the past 24 hours. Social media never sleeps, do they? Do they research upcoming trends?


  • Fake people usually have a lot of connections, thousands of followers, likes and some even have ( friends on facebook and sell it ) but what they lack is quality, engagement.  A real person expert will prefer quality over quantity a fake will post you previous projects that they did to sell and end of the day lack of actual clients. And you know why? Because you can’t keep up a company with fake clients, you actually need real money in your bank account to pay the bills. I guess we can’t pay the bills with fake money 🙂


  • Fake users use social media primarily to sell their brand, products, services without engaging with users. On the other end the real ones will interact with comments and RT’s.
  • Fake will claim to be general social media experts in everything, build websites, build apps, bring followers and likes, provide hosting they will tell that they are experts everywhere. But the digital world is a broad area, you can’t be an expert of it all, it’s impossible.
  • Fake ones lack of real business sense and have very little evidence of their previous case studies. They can’t help you turn your fans into clients. They lack insight into their costumer and lack any drive to meet customer needs and don’t understand user behaviour.


  • Fake ones often tell that social media is the only strategy, but it’s not, it should be always implemented with other traditional activities.  Social media doesn’t replace a solid marketing strategy it is used to enhance it.


Before you hire anybody for your online department have a double check, Google Them, see what they are doing online and then make a decide.

The sad news is that these ‘fake’ give social media a very bad name. It’s so easy to walk in Oxford Street and shout ‘we are social media gurus’ but you have to know that social media is a very good tool but only when it’s in the hands of someone who understands it, loves it, has passion about it and has experienced of how to use these tools and successfully implement digital marketing strategy.  There is a big need for real social media experts who know how to use these new communications tools effectively.





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