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Episode 57: How Interior Design Can Improve Your Hotel With Tim Mutton & Diana Darmina

In todays episode we had two creative guests from Blacksheep Interior Design Agency talk about all things creativity, the importance of investing in creative space, why it matters and how you can improve your hotel space by adding more creativity. Tim shared with us what is the ROI of creative design, Diana shared with us a project she is working on to improve guests experience in a hotel airport.

Tim shared with us a very inspiring story on how a corporate man that wasn’t happy in his corporate carrier sold his Porche and started his own food truck. There are so many great stories that Tim and Diana shared.

You can connect with Diana Darmina on LinkedIn by clicking here and you can connect with Tim Mutton on LinkedIn Here and Instagram here. If you want to check out what Blacksheep is doing, you can head over to their website here:

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