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Episode 17: Why Brands Need A Positive Marketing Strategy

On this episode we talked about how important it is to have a positive marketing strategy. Once you create your strategy you can execute it on your content marketing strategy and increase sharability and create a conversation around your brand.

Brands need a positive marketing strategy because people are getting tired of listening to bad news.
In the era where we have fake news, and so many tragic events happening around the world we are all tired. Brexit, the disappearance of people and other bad news, there is a constant stream of bad news which can feel disempowering.
Great marketers understand that they can make a positive impact on the lives of people who interact with their brand. Especially when you are in the hospitality industry. People travel to escape, to meet, to relax.
When you market content that is uplifting and inspirational it has been shown to foster brand loyalty and build long term emotional connection with consumers.
Search trends show us that people are seeking out good news. More searches included the word “good’ in 2018 than ever before, according to Google’s Annual Year In Search.

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