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Episode 3: How To Get More Reviews For Your Hotel

I will share with you four ideas on how to increase your reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook for your hotel. Let’s start off with the most important idea; it’s provide exceptional customer service to the guest. This is the most important component in increasing your reviews.

Your customer service needs to be remarkable.  Not just average but remarkable. The problem now is that the majority of customer service is the same.

The second idea is to delight the guest. Use social media and find what your potential guest likes and what he doesn’t. Figure it out, there are plenty of companies that provide you an easier way to collect data.

The third idea is understanding your audience. You need to know who your guest is. It’s a critical component for your success. If you know who is coming to your property you will be able to serve them better.

The fourth idea is Ask for reviews. Simple as that.

The fourth idea… it’s on the podcast.

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