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Email Marketing Tips

Hi everyone, recently we have had some questions about email marketing campaigns on what to use and how to use.

We would like to help you setting up your email marketing correctly.

First we suggest you using for your business a web based platform ( you create your campaign and send it via a web company, you dont use your server ) Web based platforms like Constant Contact, MailChimp, and many others.

Web based platforms provide you with their own servers that help the distribution on email marketing, they have more than 100 servers for send out your campaigns. This we can discuss on another day.




A lot of business owners and managers dont have  time or a web designer ( don’t use a graphic designer for your web activities there is a big difference ) so they choose a template that is ready made  on the platform. You can use a template but its better for you to edit it, like colors, your logo, the products/services the text font and the action button. Dont just choose one template edit your text and send it. Work another 30 minutes on it and you will see a big difference!



Before sending your campaign usually web based platforms have an option to ‘test your campaign’ that means you can send your own campaign to your own email in Mail or Outlook. But there is more to that, the design and the text that you have is it readable on a smartphone? How does it look on a web based email platform i.e: Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail ect? To test it out its better to send it to a few of your colleagues in different format and ask their opinion on the campaign. Test your campaign on your personal email ( hotmail, yahoo, gmail ect ) get out of the office have a 5 minute break and check it again.

After you have tested the campaign go to the last page before the send out and open again the newsletter campaign and check the LINKS that you have on your email campaign is it going correctly on the lading page that you want? Does the links work? Last but not least, do you have the option for a user to share your campaign with his friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter? Do you have a forward button visually seen? If you do then do you have a page for new users to subscribe to your mailing list?

Now that you have done all the above…You are ready to send out….

After a few days you will open your reports and wonder why your open rate ( how many people open your email ) is low? This is another subject that will be continued….

Here are more quick tips:

  • Clean your database regular ( check for valid and not valid emails )
  • Add a form on your website easy for users to add their emails
  • Add a form on your Facebook Fan Page for users to subscribe
  • Reward your mailing list
  • Customize your campaigns
  • Send birthday wishes to your mailing list
  • Have one click unsubscription option
  • Monday / Friday = Worst Days to send email marketing campaign ( or the first day after a holiday )
  • Use attractive subject lines, but NOT spammy like: ‘Special Offer, Click Here ect
  • Use one page design fo your email marketing campaign
  • Email us or comment below if you need help! 🙂
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