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Don’t Judge Social Media Users By Their Profile Picture

As you can see everyday people log on to their social media accounts and share, RT different things. It’s a habit, isn’t? When you read an article would you tweet or share it? If it’s a funny picture or something that is related to your interest you will share it or RT. Purported social media ‘gurus’ always share, RT everything that they see online. I noticed a lot of times and I guess you have as well that you could see 5 RT’s on twitter from different websites/blogs regarding technology and social media. Do you know why there are so many RT’s ? Because they claim that they are social media ‘gurus’  and they have to show you and me that they keep up with the technology and new trends that are coming up. Personally I can’t read 5 articles online in 5-10 minutes, do you think i’m slow? Hmmm I don’t think so. And I don’t think that you can read in such short period of time  all 5 articles. It’s called blinding tweeting.

Think before you post. 

I have written an article couple of months ago, it’s think before you speak… think before you post goes the same in this case. Think before you tweet or Retweet. By retweeting everything without reading it and reading online the title is not smart. Don’t just headlines before opening the article and reading it. Imagine reading a tweet like this:

If on this article there is advertising material or an article that is irrelevant to this title or even an stupid article, why should you ReTweet it? God my point? Don’t judge…before you read. And my personal opinion is when you read an article and you tweet about it, add your own comment or a hashtag ( if you have space of course )


If you’re seeing a user simply tweet article after article with just the heading and no opinion, it’s probably a good bet to assume that they mightn’t be reading as much as they would like you to believe. That what drives more engagement. Add your own opinion, Great article, #RealTalk, #sm or any other comment that you want to add. Make it more personalised.


You can say of course that due to 140 characters there are limitations because there is a link, the initial tweet plus I’m suggesting to you to add another comment. Well I totally agree with you, but here is where you need to use your creativity. It might not work on all cases but again you have to revise your content strategy. Oh I know a lot of people will not like me for sharing this article, but what can you do, I want you to achieve the best results online 🙂

To come to my point is, next time you use read something on Facebook, Twitter or any other site. Say your opinion, what do you think about that current article is it good or bad. You will be doing yourself and your followers a big favor.

Share with me your comments below or tweet them to me 🙂

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