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Don’t confuse people online!

Usually when I take a walk or drive i listen to podcasts from different digital media channels. Yesterday as I was driving from my dentist I decided to listen to ‘traditional’ radio. So I opened a radio app that I had and started listening. I was ‘lucky’ there where ads playing.

The first ad was ‘Like us on Facebook to win’. The second ad really impressed me and confused me. I got disappointed, and I will tell you why.

So the instructions where the exact opposite of simplicity, it was complicated. The Microsoft way, click there, click here then double click on the left, try again on the right etc. I will not use any brands names and the destination that was mentioned, so I will just describe it as win a trip to London.

Social Media: Don't confuse users!

Social Media: Don't confuse users!

So the ad communication was the following:

”Do you want to win a trip to London with X brand name? Then just ‘simply’ send us an image to [email protected], like us on Facebook and you might win”

To be honest with you i forgot the last step, there was one more step that you had to do, but you got the point. You have to basically first sent an email to [email protected], then you have to like the Facebook fan page. Besides the technical issue, which I will not discuss it today. If i send them from my yahoo account and on my facebook account is associated with my hotmail account, you really can’t find the user id. Anyway, let’s say we don’t care now about the technical part.

Let’s focus on the people (users). Ok so you need to drive more traffic to your facebook fan page. How do I do it? By complicating my process? What do i include in my digital strategy? You really have to think and specify your targets first.

What, can we can all learn? Well first, if the user doesn’t see anything online about your promotion most probably you will not reach your targets. Second, you have to simplify each step of your campaign. When you create your project brief you don’t have to think as marketers or the ‘brand’, think as a person, think if YOU would follow this steps that you are asking the user. But by mentioning this, i don’t mean run a ‘cheap’ campaign like 80% of the business do, share and like this image to win. ( Sorry guys but this kind of campaigns are cheap ) I know a lot of brands like this kind of campaigns because they see people sharing it etc. I will write an article on this matter later.

Simplify Everything!

Simplify Everything!

Coming back to our main subject, we should always think as a user not advertiser. Don’t drive users in different directions ( send email then go to my facebook page, then go to my website and then go to my other landing page )

Really, before you want to start a campaign that has to do with digital media, it would be a pleasure helping you. You can send me, or vivid a tweet and we will replay and let you know our thoughts on it ( complimentary).




Simplicity is the key. 

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