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Do you really feel good with FAKE likes?

There are a lot of companies ‘competitors’ that we can see follow vivid. They learn and adapt some of our ideas to their clients, but we are glad that we educate companies and people, end of the day that’s our job. But one got carried away…

I was thinking for a few days now, how do companies who actually sell social media have the courage to actually buy fake likes?

Really I want to ask you, do you really feel proud? How do you really feel?

Here is a story, a company that sells website design and development now are providing social media services. This company has asked us to provide trainings for them and to merge with them. Well as you can see we declined their proposal a lot of times. The result is they gave the ‘graphic designer’ to be the social media guru.

How can a fan page that was not updated from January 2012 has in 1 month 10,031 likes in 5 days in July 2012:


Ok…you bought fake likes… well done… but advertise it with pay per click on facebook and thanking fans for the support ect…. Are you serious what fans? Fake accounts? Fake likes?

Just a few points for you guys to understand what kind of companies we have here in Cyprus. It’s really a shame. This destroys social media generally, where is the engagement? What are you trying to achieve with it?


We as vivid  are working for many years, running sponsored stories and other activities, we only have 2, 558 likes, REAL likes, real users and people. And a company that started to post on their fan page recently has 10,500 fans? There are a lot of websites that sell fake likes and followers, but why choosing an unethical way of doing social media? Why sell this to your clients?

We are working 20 hours per day trying to achieve engagement and get people to interact with fan pages…but some ‘gurus’ come and destroy the market!

Twitter, yes we use our twitter now for around 5 years… The same company started using twitter last month, and the good thing is that they admin that they do ‘some social media’ Here is the tweet:

There is more…social media gurus with 10,500 likes… we expected you to know that there is a custom URL on Facebook. There is a book on Amazon, Facebook For Dummies, my suggestions is buy it.

The saddest part is that these people go and sell social media, lie about the whole idea behind the digital world and pay X10 these companies for their services…

You never post and lie about why you are better than any of your competitors and say something like ‘we are the best’ ‘ we are experts’ ….

Rather than making TV ads, develop online video! You are a ‘social media’ company, well ok for yourself and other people who don’t understand.

One thing is for sure, you are very lucky that you are in Cyprus and most of companies and media don’t understand what you are doing so nobody actually  complains about it… Yes i know we are small country and we shouldn’t write this things ect… but we CAN’T see companies destroying SOCIAL MEDIA!

Show us the way ….!

P.S We found a new logo for you 🙂

( the logo is complimentary from us )

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