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Do NOT do on Facebook…

Yesterday I read somewhere on social media that people can’t wait for the New Year to start to begin old habits. My first thought was…digital strategy of course. So by writing this article I want to help you to achieve more effective social media campaigns.

Reading an article from socailbakers blog, I wanted to share my thoughts on some things that you should not do on Facebook. I know it’s harder to follow the right path, but you should follow the right path for more effective social media campaigns.

Many follow but a few compete for relevance. To compete for relevance you need knowledge and the right people around you. It’s harder, but it’s worth doing it.

Many Follow... Very Few Lead....

Many Follow... Very Few Lead....

Irrelevant content to go viral. 

Brands want engagement, they literally pray for it (for those who understand of course). I know that cute puppies and funny pictures drive likes, comments and shares. But what does your business have to do with cute puppies when you sell mobile phones? Really think about it. Did you provide value? Did your fans learn something from you? Hm, i don’t think so. To provide a useful tip or share smart information may not get as much interactions you want, but listen, at end of the day, the user might not like it on Facebook or share it, but he definitely learned something. One of my tweets some time ago was: ‘People might not ‘like’ your post, but they might buy from you. People might like your post but not buy from you’. I think you get my point. So people liking your previous puppy post, might not even think of actually buying from you. Conclusion?

From time to time it’s good to post something random, yet connected with your brand. But never base your strategy on this. I will give you an example, at WaterWorld in Ayia Napa, our marketing department has a puppy, Mangas. We posted about him in the beginning as our ‘boss’. So we basically introduced one of our ‘team members’ in a funny way to our fans. But it’s not included in our digital strategy main communication. Our communication is about Greek History and Gods.

Sharing Or Is It Over Sharing.

I wrote in our blog in September and October about Facebook news feeds. We can all see that our news feed is getting noisier. Some page admins they just don’t get it. There are so many brands that want to promote their sales, discounts, history etc. But really, think, if I like 140 branded pages, all I will be doing is reading all the promotions that all brands have. So it means I will be an expert in promotions. But I don’t need to know about all the promotions. I want to see what my friends do as well. That’s why I created Twitter and Facebook lists. Some users will not create a list they will just report your post as a spam or unlike you.

Share your updates wisely.

Spamming On Social Media.

If you post too much, you will definitely get a lower engagement score. That’s a fact. There are some media sites where you can post as much as you want and they will still achieve engagement. But why don’t you separate your channels. You can post to your fans that they can follow you on Twitter for more updates and on Facebook post the important ones. As I have mentioned above, users will just report you as spam or unlike. So any activities that got you that Facebook fan, are lost with over posting, spamming.

Choose quality over quantity. Quality is more important that the quality.

Clean Posts.

Always post ‘clean posts’ use URL shorteners, don’t copy paste a Google image URL into your post and then post it. Everything has to be done clean. Your context and your URL if you have one.

Competitions On Facebook.

Did you know that Facebook can actually take your competition offline? Did you know that a ‘shut down’ click for Facebook is as simple as that?

Well Facebook has guidelines for all sweepstakes and competitions. You can’t have a Facebook like button on your voting mechanism, it’s banned by Facebook. You can’t notify your winners through messages, chat or posts on their timeline. If you are doing it, you might risk your investment and resources.

You can click here to view Facebook guidelines for promotions.

Cover Images. 

There are rules on Facebook timeline that a huge number of companies fail to follow. You can’t include your contact details, any share and like buttons or any call to action button.

Cover images are set to tell a story, not promoting.



If a client comes up to your store and asks you a question, would you ignore him? Hmm… I don’t think so, you need the sale. But based on SocialBakers study, 70% of questions don’t get answered on page walls and over 25% global brands go as far closing their walls. Ignoring fans for me is like ignoring people walking into your store and you not responding to them. Social media is not traditional marketing, it’s not YOU talk and WE listen. It’s a dialog, we all talk and we make conversations. Try to improve our products and services.



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