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Digital Media, Social Media Tips – Make It Work

Business often fail on their digital activities, why? Its quite simple, read, visit, listen, different conferences, speeches from ‘gurus’ of digital media and try to implement everything what they hear to their own brand.  I will tell you one thing, speaking about social media and telling how you should make it doesn’t work. There is a huge difference between speaking and delivering actual results and implementing in your digital strategy.

There is always the mentality of its a good idea but there is no structure or commitment.

By creating a fan page and a twitter account doesn’t work. You need to have a clear view of what you want to achieve online. You run a pay per click campaign on Facebook, saying that your brand offers a 50% discounts lets say, so the user next step is clicking on your ad, but what is your landing page? I often see when i click on the banners that it takes me to a fan page or a website but doesn’t have a clear message of what do you want the user to do. So the click that a user made and it doesn’t have a clear target, its lost! Rather than running a X budget just to say that you are on Facebook or online its not worth it! You should build a correct structured landing page that will provide a call to action button to engage with your user.

Has this happened to your brand? Don’t worry you are not alone. Very few people can simply stick to the plan and work on social media.

It needs hard work on social media

It needs hard work on social media

 Say it and Make it:

Before you start doing anything online, you have to promise to yourself not the board of directors that you will establish  a healthy digital strategy and social media presence .Social media can be a very slow process, don’t expect that in 48  hours your followers/ likes will grow.

Don’t start social media by posting tweeting every hour about your company offers, news and other content that YOU might like, social media is not ABOUT YOU, its about communicating with you fans, its about delivering USEFUL content to your fans/followers!

Think before of your replays on comments, tweets, posts ect… You need to be prepared to respond to your users!


In Cyprus generally users are not ‘liking’ or ‘commenting’ on tweets and posts as in UK, USA and other countries. It needs more effort to #engage with our audience.  Check your engagement via social media analytics, there are a lot of them, but a few do actually work.

Here are some examples of random posts/tweets that you can check them out:

examples-to-post tweets in social media

examples-to-post tweets in social media


You can view some brands/people that are working very hard on social media:

Knowledge Training & Consulting: Facebook / Twitter 

WaterWorld WaterPark Cyprus: Facebook / Twitter

Beauty Line Cyprus: Facebook / Twitter

Living Cyprus: Facebook / Twitter

K Cineplex: Facebook / Twitter 

There are more brands and managers that are working hard  and doing their digital strategy the right way, i just wanted to share with you some of them.

No ADVERTISING! It’s social media here!

Your fans, followers don’t want to hear how cool and awesome you are, they already liked you and followed you. They don’t want you to push your advertising campaigns, they want conversation, they want engagement. Definitely they don’t want to read posts like this: ‘Our sales are growing’ they simply don’t care! All they want is industry news and inspiration! Remember its not traditional advertising when you SAY what you want to say!















End of the day USERS have the POWER to CLICK and unhide your posts, block you, unlike, unfollow and destroy your brand!

Last but not least, to understand social media, you have to use it as a user! 

There is a huge difference between a social media user and a digital marketing person BUT to run a social media campaign, you HAVE to use social media as a user. Why? Because you have to understand what is the user experience online! Don’t go and ask a account manager in you advertising agency or a team member that has a facebook/ tweeter account  to start developing digital strategy! It will just fail and later on don’t blame social media that it doesn’t work!


What it takes to do all this? 

– Deep knowledge of social media

– Time reading updates, news, examples

– Creativity

– And really LOVING social media, it needs passion and commitment


Tips for social media

Tips for social media








– Every details matters online

– Create a social media plan / Checklist Complete your daily tasks.

– Download 3rd web platforms to your mobile device. ( iPhone application are awesome and you can control your social media 24/7 )

– Keep it personal

– Provide exclusivity online!

– There are no GURUS or EXPERTS in social media/ online everybody is learning.


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