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I was on a recent business trip whereby I travelled to several cities across Europe – you will probably have seen our updates via our Facebook fan page. One of our clients is the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’. During my time abroad, it became quite apparent to me that user behaviour offline is the same in each city and in every country. Where ever you are, people communicating and engaging via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has become a part of everyday life.

Green Room

Green Room

Take the Green Room for example, behind the contest’s main stage, where participants were provided with tablets to access the internet and tweet about performances, songs and anything else that was happening at that very moment in time.

Twitter Tablet

Twitter Tablet


Even the show’s presenter mentioned numerous hashtags during his time on stage and cheerily encouraged television viewers to follow the official @Eurovision twitter account. You can see the presenter in action here:

Referencing hashtags and ‘follow us’ are common ways television shows and music industry executives use to attract audience attention and instigate communication with them. The trick, however, is to use legitimate terminology: when fans have a truly credible source of interest, they will gladly utilise it to engage with your show or production.

I did notice though, that many billboards and traditional street adverts in Malmo were covered in QR codes, and that retailers do not appear to be promoting services and products via their social media accounts.

Considering there are 4,736,980 Facebook users in Sweden, I find it quite strange that businesses are not taking full advantage of the social media opportunities they have.


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