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Design is vital

I wanted to write this article a long time to share my point of view on designs that I see online. When you advertise online you have a specific target, it might be for users to view your banner to click, engage, educate or  awareness. If a client/user clicks on your banner you need to show or explain to him your service or product. Let’s break this into two scenarios, the ugly design and the awesome design.

The ugly design: 

The ugly design

The ugly design

You can see this post how it was designed. You can view that this design is too crowded, it’s too complicated and personally it’s not attractive at all. And to be honest I made this design. No, I’m not a web designer as you might know, I’m a digital marketing director. I just know the basics of photoshop. Because our designer, Michael, was away I wanted to to try to design it by myself. ( And of course it has not been send even to the client ) My point is that your web/ facebook/ twitter / pinterest / instagram any designs you or your designer makes It is very important for it to be awesome. Now, let’s have a look at an awesome design.

The awesome design: 

Awesome Design

Awesome Design


You can see the difference I guess and of course this was done by our Head Designer, Michael. It’s just awesome. Don’t you agree? Don’t you think that this design will ‘sell’? I view online a lot of banners and other content and I get disappointed because it’s wasted money. Doesn’t matter what is your media budget, it still has a low conversion rate.

Some business people say well my design is OK, I still sell and communicate what I want. But really is it OK? Let me get this clear: You sell with your bad design and you are ok with it? Imagine what your conversion rate will be if your design will be awesome. If you invest let’s £3,000 on Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign and you get 20 new leads or convert people to subscribe to your email list or anything else that you are requesting them to do. Think about the potential that you have with awesome design. I will not even mention the ‘image’ of your brand that you are showing to users with bad design. 

My point is be careful with your online designs because it is vital. And of course I’m not saying that development it’s not important or anything like that. Development and other aspects in digital media/strategy are important just design is the first thing that users will see.

Before you approve or do your next design double check it. See if it’s awesome and award winning design, even a small facebook advertising banner!


Don’t you agree? Share your thoughts with me on the comments below or  tweet them to me.


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