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Create videos that are worth sharing

YouTube is literally full of videos, brands, individuals are creating content on a daily basis. Everybody want’s to create videos that will go viral. I will not focus on the individuals but more about company videos.

Your company needs to create videos that are worth sharing. Videos that communicate a message like: ‘We are the best, we provide with XYZ services and everybody loves us’ will not be shared and are not inspiring.

For example, one of a recent adverts I totally loved was the o2, BeMoreDog campaign:

First this video is amazing, and I believe we all can agree that’s a sharable video. It’s worth mentioning when I tweeted this video, o2 engaged with me. I mean this is what brands should do:



This is called listening and having conversations online via twitter.

Going back to videos worth sharing. Your video should be inspiring, creative and have value in them. That’s the key to success. You can have of course a video that explains what your company does, but if you want to have video that will be shared, consider creating valuable videos. Quality is always a key online ( videos, blog posts, Facebook posts, tweets, tumblr posts and others ).

Here are other examples of creative and sharable videos:

Android Kit Kat:

Volvo Trucks:

Ultra Reality By LG:


Worth sharing isn’t it?

Always combine your offline activities with your online, marry them 🙂



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