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Central Hotel London Is Pushing Creativity Boundaries

We are really proud about our latest work for Central Hotel London. The reason why we are proud is because Central Hotel London is truly pushing their creative boundaries. In an industry where most hotels use copy/paste strategies for their marketing, Central Hotel is saying no to average and they are definitely not looking at what others are doing in the industry.

If we look at 100 Instagram hotel accounts we will notice that they are all promoting and communicating the same things; free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, local attractions, drinks at the hotel bar, their property, their beds and their pillows. If we remove all the logos on all accounts, we wouldn’t know who is who. We would have no idea – the reason why is because there is no brand. Unfortunately in this industry hoteliers don’t build a brand. We will not get into this conversation today, I will leave it for another time.

Then you look at what value do hoteliers add with their content. They absolutely add no value to potential guests decision making when booking. Most content that is created by hotels is either dull, boring or ego-driven. We believe to succeed in content we need to put our guests first – their needs, their desires and the way we do that is by creating content that is entertaining, inspiring or educational. Everybody wants to increase direct bookings but nobody wants to invest in their marketing. We can’t have our cake and eat it, we need to bake it – meaning we need to invest.

In the following short film, Explore More, Do More our goal is to inspire people to explore more London, to go and try new things, get a new haircut, try a new burger, explore their horizons and really to do more rather than be in one hotel room. In the video, you will see a some important factors that we show visually – the hotel is really close to St Pancras Station, that the owners are very kind and they truly care about their guests. The rest of the video is entertaining and (we believe) is valuable to a potential guest that didn’t think about London and didn’t think about travelling yet. Our goal with this video is to inspire people to travel and explore more.

The goal is not just to create a nice video but add a meaningful story to the video that has the potential to inspire the viewer. The story explore more do more was created by us (IQD Agency) last year and this video illustrates exactly what we want to communicate.


This video will create an emotional connection with current guests and potential guests, it will dramatically increase direct bookings and it will win an award on creativity. You can have a look at Central Hotel web presence here: 

Let us know below, in the comments what do you think about this video, what is your opinion. You might not be the target audience for this video but would love your opinion.

If you liked this video and would like to create thought-provoking content that stands out and increases loyalty, direct bookings get in touch with us today. We are currently looking for General Managers and Independent Hotel Owners that are open-minded and want to create creative things and make a difference.


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