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Business and Marketing Predictions That Will Come True in 2019

I believe it’s important to sit down and think. To observe the market and to make a calculated guess. When we sit down to think, we need to silence the noise around us. Only then, when we are mindful, we can truly think clearly.

My predictions for 2019 are based on common sense and experience. It will be interesting to come back next year to read this article and look at what was right and what was wrong. You don’t have to agree on everything I’ve written, just keep an open mind.

So, let’s dive into our predictions.

  1. The cost of ATTENTION will skyrocket.

I think we underestimate how much time and effort we need to get somebody’s attention. The reason why our attention span is so low is because we are exposed to so many messages, there are so many ads in front of us, our brain has mastered the art of ignoring. Just to give you an idea- if you live in London, you are exposed to at least 120 advertising messages per day (online and offline).

I think I personally dived into advertising too quickly. Let’s take a step back for a moment. When a friend talks to us, do we truly listen to him 100%? No, I don’t think so. I don’t think we are always fully present when we speak to the majority of our friends. Unless we are talking about a topic that we truly care about and are immersed in the conversation… In that case, can you imagine how much attention we pay to a logo trying to tell us to buy something?

The cost of advertising continues to increase very quickly. Have you seen how much it costs to advertise on Facebook now? Yet the attention span of the consumer is decreasing every single day. They say that our attention span is less than a goldfish, which is… wait for it… 8 seconds. Are we truly getting the picture?

Week by week it costs more money, time and energy, and yet more organic and paid marketing to get people’s attention. But people who focus on building a sustainable brand with emotional branded stories will win this race.

  1. Customer journeys will become vital

When you pay a ‘lot’ for something you appreciate it more, right? Well I think marketers will start appreciating their clients more and more because the ATTENTION is getting pricey and if the cost of getting attention is getting higher it means the cost of acquiring a client is getting higher.

I believe most hotels, most business don’t have a proper strategy for keeping in touch with clients. The majority, we can probably agree, might have a strategy on how to acquire a new client but once the client has purchased a product or booked a room then the strategy is first – send them newsletters with special discounts, and second -hope that they will come back, soon.

That’s why I believe brands will start paying attention and building an efficient customer journey, otherwise they will just run out of cash chasing new clients.

  1. Content will become an overused word

All these years we’ve heard the word content used for everything. Social media post – it’s content. Video marketing – it’s content. Blog article – it’s content. ….    While it’s true, you can call all these content, I believe that we slap the word ‘content’ on everything we say and do today.

A sixty second video on Instagram is not a content strategy, it’s just a sixty second video. A Facebook post …. it’s a Facebook post. I think when somebody asks us what we do, we just impulsively respond ‘content marketing’ and expect the other person to understand that we do ‘everything’. Hey, even a flyer is considered content.

Because the return on investment from advertising will drop drastically, more people will start using the term content marketing. For that reason, we need to truly understand content marketing and take a closer look at how it works.

Here’s a quick tip, content marketing is anything that adds more value to the end consumer. It can be an educational Facebook post or an interesting blog post.

To build a sustainable brand, to attract attention, build trust and credibility we will need to work really hard.

  1. Instagram will grow Facebook will decline

Facebook will decline in usage and it will be harder than ever to catch people’s attention. The reason is because there is a lot of noise out there and people are looking to reduce the noise around them.

Facebook is a very noisy platform, from a user’s experience point of view.  You have banners on the right hand side, you have your feed, you have adverts showing on your stories and you have Sarah taking another selfie in the bathroom while Johnny is cleaning the shit off the cat in the corner!

Instagram on the other hand will grow dramatically. The reason it will grow is because Instagram is less noisy, it’s user experience is much more pleasant. Advertising on Instagram will increase as well. It’s really common sense, because we all know what happens when a platform has peoples’ attention.

  1. The need for emotion will increase 

As a culture we are becoming more distant, more swipe right and swipe left. We are basically becoming a now, now, now generation. I want something now and within three clicks Amazon will deliver anything we desire.

If you want to watch a comedy show, you don’t have to open your computer screen, you can watch it on your mobile device. Businesses are becoming more transactional. If you want a cup of coffee, you can order it on the (Starbucks) app and it’s ready at the end of the counter before you are. But, do you know what… sometimes I actually really want to have a genuine conversation with the barista… to casually ask about almond milk, to chat about the weather or even how her dog is doing.

If you want to go on a trip, you can book a quick ticket with the Look & Book App by EasyJet without knowing the location! We live in an era of instant gratification and I reckon most of us are really missing the human aspect, emotion. People and businesses who choose to invest in connecting with other human beings will win. That’s why I truly believe that in the coming years the search for purpose and substance will increase dramatically. The search will increase on a personal level and at a brand level too.

  1. Brands will become more social-conscious.

In this time when we’re constantly reminded about climate change, health, balance and our suffering world I see such a lot of brands jumping on the band-wagon. Plastic-free, gluten free, vegan, mental health, mindfulness, meditation, work-life balance and tons of other social issues.

So many brands look at their neighbour and start doing what they’re doing when it’s not even close to their core values. I’ve watched some brands try to be Nike. Nobody can be Nike except Nike. Their great campaign with the NFL player Colin Kaepernick got a lot of reaction; even the president himself reacted by tweeting. Then suddenly other brands tried to do the same. Huge mistake.

I believe in 2019 that we will see more brands becoming more conscious and becoming genuinely more aware of social issues. I did an interesting interview with LV from the Good Hotel Group where we talked about how hotels (and in general brands) can go beyond just being a hotel and thinking about profits. You can listen to it here.

There you have it, six predictions that I believe will come true in 2019. This will be an interesting period because there’s currently such a lot of uncertainty in this country with Brexit and other equally complex and heated topics.

You may agree with my suggestions or disagree, but whatever your point of view, I suggest you act. You know how bad we all feel once we realize that we thought about something and then didn’t act on it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment sections below.

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