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Brands That Don’t Follow You Back – Why?

It seems to be a given that brands don’t follow people on Twitter.

Even though I know this is an unfortunate fact, I’m still left wondering why.


Twitter is simple. It is defined as a social media outlet that allows you to stay connected through a series of quick updates and exchanges, that only take a few seconds to write, read and share. Why don’t brands utilise this?

This article is to explain why you must follow people on Twitter.


There are some Twitter accounts that only pedal masses of annoying spam, and they certainly don’t deserve a follow. But there are a lot of current and potential clients that populate Twitter. Fans, followers, clients: people that like what you sell. Aren’t they the most important part of what you do? Don’t they make, or break, who and what you are?

I’m not even going to get into how important it is to reply and create conversations on social media. I’m just stating the obvious here.

I encourage all our clients to follow people on social media.

Here is a break down of why brands should follow users on Twitter:

  • They are your clients and potential clients. You need to let them know you exist, let them know you care: sell them what you’re offering!
  • It shows your clients that you respect them. It says: ‘Thank you for liking our brand’.
  • It humanises your brand. It starts a real relationship with your client; and those are the ones that last.

If you haven’t noticed, when a brand follows or replies to a Twitter user, they get excited. And then they tweet, and retweet about it. They share your brand’s name with their hundreds, perhaps thousands of followers. They promote you. All because of a simple follow!

Think of it this way: somebody walks into your business and says ‘hello’. Would you reply back? If you didn’t reply with at least a friendly, ‘hello!’, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna turn around and walk right out the door. If they do stick around for a while, they definitely won’t be returning. Why should it be any different online?

My problem is that I care too much. I don’t want to see any brand or business failing. The digital world is here, and brands must fit into this new world if they want to survive. If they want to succeed, they must develop and change. You have to look at your digital strategy from a new perspective. Let me hand you a new pair of glasses, can you see clearer now? You need to take a look at your web presence through a new lens.


I cannot stress enough that you must start following people and interacting online. What’s the ROI of a smile or a, ‘hello, how are you?’. It really is that simple.

I know you want to sell, but don’t expect to get anything if you’re not willing to give back.

What’s your comments? Enter them below or tweet them to me.

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