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A Brand Story That Makes A Difference

We created an amazing story that we are very proud of. The story was created for Charmm Designs. We are excited about Charmm’s story because it communicates exactly what the brand stands for and what their values are. Our challenge was to create an authentic story that had different people involved in the company, so the story had to communicate their values. The story has depth, passion, ambition, imagination and design. Our story tagline is Passion Gives Shape To Lights and Shadows meaning Charmm gives shape to lights and shadows because they are passionate, ambitious and creative individuals. I previously wrote an article about what does storytelling mean which this story hit the spot and shows exactly how a story should be: communicate values, inspire and sell. When we presented it to Charmm the answer was “It’s perfect”. The reason why it’s perfect is because the owners can feel that the words and the visuals articulated exactly their beliefs. Happy moments at IQD. You can have a look at the story below:



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