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Basic Facebook Marketing

I don’t usually write about basic Facebook Marketing but on a daily basis, I see so many adverts that are wrongly structured and I decided to help a few people understand social media advertising and of course increase conversions.

So first of all, before creating an ad campaign you need to have ONE objective. What do you want people to do; like your post, go to a website, call your business, sell a product, comment or read your post? This step is crucial to understand because if you don’t know what you want the user to do, how will the user know? I know a lot of you will say that you want to sell your cupcakes, people to love your ad and share it with their friends. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen. Think of how many adverts people see every single day. Once you know what you want people to do then start creating your advert with the right objective.

What Is Your Marketing Objective

As you can see above, Facebook asks us what our marketing objective is. Do you want to send people to your website, promote your post, increase conversions or claim your offer? Once you know what is it you want, then you can move forward.

If you want to increase your engagement (boost your post) then you have to have a clear design and a short caption. When you write a lot of text people don’t pay attention to that because their newsfeed is full of news and their time is limited (like yours). I saw an ad this morning that looked like an essay. If you want to say a lot of things then you should probably write a blog article or use notes on Facebook.

When advertising, remember that people’s attention span is less than a goldfish (8 seconds). You need to capture their attention in 8 seconds and that is quite hard right? Well that’s why not all ads are effective and that’s why there is a lot of wasted money on advertising both offline and online.


Once you create your ad make sure that the link is clickable and it takes users to the right website. The reason why I mention this is because I clicked on an advert recently that urged people to shop for flowers and the website was not working. It’s a shame, because that ‘campaign’ had many lost sales and even worse, it created brand damage. That’s why it’s best to click on everything to make sure it works before starting your campaign. I would even suggest that you need to click it if you see it in your newsfeed as a user in order to double-check that everything works fine. (if you are in the target audience that you want to reach, because as we said not everybody is our potential client).

When you advertise you need to have high quality images and your artwork should represent your business. If your picture is 200x100px then… never mind. It’s just not professional.


Have a look at the advert above. The image is clearly in low resolution and at the bottom there’s the watermark of the website it was taken from (illegal). This advert/post is not professional and this shows that this company’s services are not really good. So my expectations from this brand are just ‘whatever’. I really hope I don’t need them in the future. Don’t get me wrong they might be great people but I’m talking about Facebook marketing and what perception you might be creating about your brand.


The ad above has great text and it compliments the video. By the way, videos are a great way to story-tell and they increase conversions by 92%! The ad is simple, smart and very appealing.


This advert has a clear objective; drive traffic to their website. You can see the landing page link and next to it Learn More button where you will explore their service further.


I’m not a huge fan of this ad because it has two objectives; increase credibility using a Huffington Post article and the second objective is for you to sign up to their subscription. What I would do is create two separate adverts; one that would directly promote the subscription and the other one that would increase credibility. I believe the conversion rates would be higher.

I really hope you understood the basics about Facebook Advertising from this blog article and make changes today. If you need help or have any questions, you can ask us on Facebook or send us an email at [email protected]



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