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A user… How much power he has!

I wanted to share with you a real example to prove you once again that end of the day its the users who have the power.

I recently signed up at official website to receive exlusive first insights from Robin Van Persie. For you who don’t know I’m a fan of Manchester United that’s why.  Manchester United advertised on their website that you could get first exlusive content, interviews, news pictures on RVP ( Robin Van Persie ) by signing up on their Landing Page, which was

Manchester United Landing Page

Manchester United Landing Page

I signed up and expected to get first all exclusive news.  After some hours i saw on Facebook from a fan page i liked that was created by a fan, Robin Van Persie interview and other material. I was shocked because i didn’t receive any email from the official Man Utd website. Anyway i watched his first interview with the team, viewed some pictures and continued working. After 2 hours i received on my Yahoo email a newsletter from Man Utd informing me that now i can view first and exclusive his first interview…. I thought i would watch it, maybe there would be more information or something that will provide more value. No it was the exact video that the fan page i ‘liked’ had.

A facebook fan page created by a fan

A facebook fan page created by a fan


I was shocked. Whatever you will say, one thing is for sure, the user (s) have the power online. No matter how big or small your company is, with the technology growing each minute…you can’t control what is going to go viral and what is not.  You can see what happens in a real small example.

A facebook fan page created by a fan

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