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70% Of Fans Are Being Ignored By Companies!


There is a whole new customer care in social media that companies use, via Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Client service is moving from 22 100 100 to social media slowly slowly. But while they move to social media world, they forget to adapt a few points that are very important in social media.

Due to socialbakers, brands respond ( globally ) to 30% of questions to fans via social media. You can imagine wha is the percentage is here in Cyprus & Greece.  Brands and managers want to make money but they forget the basics of social media, which is replying to your fans!

Recently i had a complain about a brand i tweeted to them, now for 3 weeks i’m still waiting for a replay. This organization are telling that they are huge on twitter and that they have even a client support on Twitter here in  Cyprus. Its not only by telling and creating an account and telling i provide this and that to my clients, its the actions. When you actually have complains from your clients, who pays your salary, you don’t replay?

These days in Cyprus everybody is complaining about the crises, but really how many of your companies have creative landing pages, websites, social media presence? A contact us phone on your website?

If you want to be socially devoted you will have to:

– Open yourselves ( make sure your Page Wall is open to questions and feedback )

– Respond to questions from fans.

– Respond in Time, users are not very parient waiting for you going back to the office next day! ( Because this what 95% of companies do in Cyprus, respond when they are in the office or have some free time  )

Social Media encourages you to take it to more personal level with your users, but do you take advantage of it?




Here is the graph from socialbakers about brands responding to fans:

All the data is taken from, one of the largest social media platforms.

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