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5 Patterns Behind Every Successful Brand

Here at IQD we love learning from the best and we always learn and monitor what successful brands do. There are a lot of patterns that we see in successful brands so today we decided to share with you five that will most certainly benefit you.

  1. They know their audience 

This is a key pattern that is the most important one. Everything starts with the audience. Knowing your audience is fundamental when building a successful brand and social media. When you know your audience you can use insights and data to understand better what they are after. You will know what content to produce; starting from blog articles, infographics, social media posts and any offline activities.

2. They have consistent branding 

Not only do you have to keep the quality of your content in mind, but you also need to think about how to create content that your audience will recognize as soon as their eyes see it on a timeline. The most successful brands take the time and effort to create an amazing visual experience for their customers by having brand guidelines; brand colours, editing style, lighting and framing and their offline visuals have a consistent look with their online visuals.

3. They developed a clear ‘tone of voice’

When Sally from marketing leaves the company the brand doesn’t get lost or start thinking about how they will communicate with their brand because they have a clear tone of voice. Tone of voice helps them connect with their audience. The way I write blog articles for example on this blog is different than somebody else writes blogs. Every successful brand has a clear tone of voice. When they work with an advertising agency or freelancer they don’t change their voice. They have a consistency so their audience can connect and understand the brand.


4. They have KPIs and clear goals 

Without goals we really can’t go anywhere. It’s a cliche I know but it’s still important. Successful brands have clear goals and clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on their marketing strategies. They don’t hope for an increase in sales, they have KPIs for their content, social media and of course revenue.

5. They have an authentic story 

Without an authentic story we are not going anywhere. Plain words have no meaning and make no impact at all. When you have an authentic story you can engage on an emotional level with your audience. Successful brands starting from start ups to Fortune500 companies have amazing stories and invest millions to create great stories that can make an impact. Great stories sell. This pattern is important because it will help you increase loyalty and increase your brand equity.

I hope this post helps and inspires you to revise your marketing strategy and view your current marketing from another perspective. If you need help with any of these points you can always get in touch with us here at IQDigital Agency.

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