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30 Million Songs Are Not Targeted To Everybody

A lot of my business meetings start with a question with who is the clients target audience, who do they want to target and to your “surprise” the most common answer is everybody. Let’s think about that, a business wants to sell to everybody; to a child that is 10 years old and to a sophisticated lady in her 30s. How men and women make buying decisions are different, everybody has different ambitions and aspirations, yet the majority of advertising communicates like we are all the same. There are 30 million songs on Spotify, I don’t think somebody in their lifetime will listen to everything on Spotify or YouTube and I don’t think that there is a person that loves every single song out there. There are millions of video clips and songs on planet earth. Every single artist has a different persona, a different voice, a different style and a different audience. When you are selling a product you need to be very clear who your core target audience is so your ad budget doesn’t go into the rubbish bin.


Let’s take couple of my favourite songs as an example; Bazanji – Understand (ft. Eve Devonport), Machine Gun Kelly – At My Best and Legendary – Welshly Arms. All this songs have similar patters, all your favourite songs have different patterns. Here is a sentence from Machine Gun Kelly: This song’s for anybody; Who feels like I did, never the cool kid, who fought their way through, always remain true, the one’s who tryin’ to get it, the one’s who dream it and live it. Every successful song has a specific target audience. Music artists know that if they remain true to themselves and just speak their truth certain people will love the song and share it with their friends.  The At My Best song that I mentioned above will not be ‘liked’ by a person who was a cool kid or who didn’t have to struggle in their live, which is absolutely fine. We don’t need to be liked by everybody and we can’t sell to everybody.

A sophisticated woman in her 30s acts and thinks differently that a girl in her 20s, their age is different, their habits are different and their mentality is different. A sophisticated woman in her 30s most probably will attract men that are mature for example because she is mature, reads books, has core confidence in herself and most probably has a purpose in her life. A girl in her 20s though is not that mature, her habits are different, her friends most probably party every weekend in night clubs and has different ambitions. This doesn’t mean that a girl in her 20s is not mature and a woman in her 30s is mature, some are some are not. Then again going back to our desired target audience we have to know what kind of audience we want to attract, do we want to attract women in their 30s that are mature or girls in their 20s that are not so mature.


The reason why we need to identify our core target audience is for our marketing strategy to be more effective, because if we speak to everybody we are speaking to nobody. When we identiy our audience we know what type of content we can create, what type of campaign we can create and of course what tone of voice to have. Before identifying your target audience you need to communicate your story and be yourself as a brand, authentic. If we try to be everything to everybody, people will notice that and will not believe us.

Having said core target audience it doesn’t mean that other people can’t buy from you, of course they can, you can create secondary target audience and so on. We have a client with different services, each service communicates to a different audience, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want Johny as a client it means that we know who we want to attract. Think of it as music artists; what is your story, who you are a brand and who do you want to attract. I promise you your marketing results will be improved.

If a brand for example creates content that has to do with Cheers to the weekend and party bam boom bam I as Alex will not be sold on that concept, because I don’t believe in the weekend, so they ‘lost’ me as a potential client on the other side they will win 10 clients that believe in the weekend and party all day long. I will be sold if the company communicated passion, hard work, pushing our boundaries and other topics that I’m passionate about. Like I said we are all different that’s why we need to know who do we want to target.

By the way I have a playlist called Inspiration on Spotify, you can follow it here.  In the meantime you can listen to another great song by Beyonce, I Was Here that I absolutely love and listen to it every day;

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